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Product NameProduct DescriptionPhoto
Backyard Bloom - 1L Organic Fertilizer to optimize fruits, vegetables and flowers. (Also comes in 250ml) Backyard Bloom - 1L
Insect Spray - 1L A powerful insect spray for all plant insects. Insect Spray - 1L
Sea Change - 1L A powerful Growth Promoter - Will increase flowering, enchance root growth, soil life stimulation, plant stress relief (Also comes in 250ml) Sea Cgange
Trio - 1L A high analysis source of calcium, magnesium and boron, complesed with fulvic acid and mannitol (derived from kelp).(Also comes in 250ml) Trio - 1L
Backyard Boost - 1L Multi-Purpose concentrated Liquid Fertilizer (Also comes in 250ml) Backyard Boost - 1L
Total cover with selenium - 1L A complete home garden fertilizer containing a balanced blend of chelated minerals, growth promotants, amino acids and vitamins (Also comes in 250ml) Total cover with selenium - 1L
Instant Humus - 1Kg New Breakthrough - The benefits of compost in a soluble granule. Instant Humus - 1Kg
Stimulate - 500g A soluble powdered concentrated combining two powerful plant growth promoters which double as soil-life promotants. Stimulate - 500g
Karate Zeon - 250ml Insecticide Karate Zeon - 250ml
Hydroponics Solution A & B Hydroponics Solution A & B
Phostrogen - 400g All Purpose Plant Food - For Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables Phostrogen - 400g
Supranure - 200ml Fertiliser Wonder Supranure Plus 3:2:1 200 ml Multipurpose liquid plantfood concentrate with growth stimulant and micro-nutrients Supranure - 200ml
Backyard Boost - 250ml Multi-Purpose concentrated Liquid Fertilizer (Also comes in 1L) Backyard Boost - 250ml
Rapigro - 100ml Biological plant rejuvenator Rapigro - 100ml