Neoscenes Ltd. prepares turnkey packages and provides entire project management support, from procurement and budget management to delivery and installation. Our clientele includes hotels, restaurants, corporate facilities and luxury homes. With a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, we are equipped to undertake interior design projects of any size.

From one-off consultancy to a complete design service we provide a fresh and modern approach to improve, reinterpret or style interior spaces. We are specializing in residential interior design but have also been involved in commercial and hotel designs. We work closely with our clients and design their interiors according to their lifestyle and budget.

Before we design schemes we get to know our clients - to find out the way they live, think, feel and use their homes or working spaces. Only then do we start designing for their spatial needs. Our aim is to provide clients with an interior that is balanced - beautiful and functional, contemporary and timeless, simple and clever, sensual and practical - with a character that complements their own. We research and source appliances, furniture, lighting and finishes from any suitable suppliers - allowing our designs to be versatile yet distinctive to suit our clients' needs and reflect their personality. We unite cheap-chic with designer items & finishes - mass-produced or custom-made, old or new, harsh or soft - creating an environment that is relaxed and not contrived.

Our services include
  • Site survey
  • Study and analysis of existing site conditions and site structure.
  • Schematic design, space planning & conceptual development.
  • Capture the clients vision and transform it into an interior design plan
  • Establish project time frames and budget guidelines.
  • Various Layout plans with options
  • Elevations
  • 3-d digital image presentation
  • Related drawings for execution
  • Bid specifications
  • Color and material selection for floor and wall coverings,
  • Selection of furniture, accessories, interior lighting, decorative accessories, artwork etc.
  • Purchasing, supervision and coordination of your entire design project
  • Periodic site visit and co-ordination with various contractors & agencies for ensuring smooth progress.
  • Installation

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