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Plants are good for you. You will probably have heard and read in the press that NASA have been conducting experiments with plants and testing their ability to clean certain chemicals from the air.

While plants can take traces of chemicals, such as formaldehyde, out of the atmosphere. It is probably what the plants put back into the air that is important.

Today's information technology means that offices are full of computers, faxes, printers, scanners and photocopiers. All of these necessary office tools have hot circuit boards making the office atmosphere too dry. A symptom of this is static shocks from desks and filing cabinets.

If your office windows don't open and you get headaches, the benefit of plants will be apparent. Plants will help increase the humidity in the air, making you feel much better. A good way to cure your sick building syndrome.

In addition to making people feel better physically,plants are often credited with reducing stress and helping to aid concentration. They generate good working relations by demonstrating that your company cares for it's staff, good morale is good for your workers and productive happy workers are good for your bottom line.

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All offices should benefit from living office plants. Live tropical plant displays help relieve sick building syndrome. Purchase; with or without maintenance; the choice is yours. Not every office has to be the same - Try something different.

Vaneron Garden Center was founded in 1998 by Mr. and Mrs. Adaken. The company is to this day a family business.


Our services

Design - Great office plants can provide the "Wow" factor in your reception area.

Let us help you to choose right combination of plants and containers. We will be happy to visit you on site, show you sample containers, check your light conditions and provide you with a quotation.

Maintenance - Our Weekly maintenance service includes all feeding, watering, cleaning of plants and containers, control of pests, plus free replacements of all natural plant failures or of plants that simply overgrow their situations.

Sales - Often customers wish to purchase and maintain their own displays. If so, we will deliver and install the plants for you and are always glad to assist with after sales advice.


Not every office has to be the same - Try something different.

You may not want a Cactus but at least we can come up with one if you do.

What will be your Wow factor?

We will soon supply fish and you can get all you need to do it yourself from Vaneron Garden Center situated in Trianon.

Tropical Plant Display Maintenance

Anyone paying for tropical plant display maintenance would expect to see healthy plants in clean planters.

This is why we make a visit to site once a week, a new system within the industry.


Accidents can happen, leaves can turn brown, pests can appear, so it is essential not to have a long interval between maintenance visits.


Our maintenance includes all feeding, watering, cleaning of plants and containers, control of pests, plus free replacement of all natural plant failures and of plants that overgrow their situations.

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